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Experience and competencies

In cooperation with professional designers and experienced and efficient production experts, we can design and develop unique products that meet the requirements of all customers, as we strive to apply the best skills, use the latest technology, and most of all, the ability to harness our values ​​and strategic vision while fulfilling our customers' dreams.

Our QC staffs are responsible for maintaining quality standards and inspecting all products from raw materials to products packed and ready for shipment. Some of the quality control methods followed and applied by the Donavera team are:

A key priority is to understand the precise needs of customers in order to arrive at the ideal product.

No demands are impossible, there may be challenges that can be overcome with hard work, effort and persistence.

Innovation is the core of our industry, and one of the core values ​​that distinguish us from other competitors.

We work with the latest technologies and mechanisms throughout the entire process without exception, the goal is to complete customer orders quickly and efficiently.