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Donavera is a global manufacturer of high-quality home textiles and bedding. Our product portfolio includes all bedroom accessories that help customers enjoy distinctive designs and ultimate comfort.

Our unique designs and exclusive types of fabrics used in the production processes give our customers the pleasure of modern life and the serenity they are looking for for a comfortable sleep after a long and hard day's work.

The company was founded in Turkey and today our products reach all over the world. With our extensive experience in the textile sector, which dates back to years of effort and work, we aim today to provide the best quality services that meet the needs of our customers by using the latest technologies and innovations in this sector.

We ship our products internationally to many countries around the world, and we aim to expand our customer list by looking for new opportunities wherever we see the need to deploy high quality products at reasonable and affordable costs.

At Donavera, we believe that the quality of textiles is not only elegant, but we make sure to blend modern designs with comfortable fabrics that give a unique edge to our products, along with reasonable prices. This is our strategy through which we offer a wide range of bedspreads, bedspreads, duvet covers, pillow cases and other textile accessories to suit all tastes and come in an endless number of designs and colors.