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Pillow Cover

What good is a good pillow if it doesn't have its elegant cover? With our products, simple pillows can be turned into elegant pieces of art. At Donavera, we offer distinctive designs and colors of covers, whether they are coordinated with bedspreads and quilt covers or unique pieces for decorative use and accessories for sofas or chairs.

We will provide you with high quality and effective products to give your head the rest it deserves at the end of a tiring and hard day.

Our products are made of the best materials and fabrics and are easy to use when washing and ironing, in addition to protecting the pillow from dust and dirt and can be removed and changed with ease and flexibility.

Donavera products and textiles are mainly used as protection for the mattress, quilt or pillow, and a wonderful elegant addition to the design of bedrooms, but one of its most important features is also the use of the finest materials and fabrics that contribute greatly to raising the level of comfort during sleep and suitability for seasons and high or low temperatures, all on unit.